1. GreenLine Computers located in Leidschendam will be referred to in these general terms and conditions as GreenLine Computers. The customer or contractor will be referred to as the customer in these general terms and conditions.
2. Orders will be referred to in these general terms and conditions as assignments.
3. Written or electronically confirmed orders will be referred to in these general terms and conditions as agreements.
4. Goods, projects and services to be delivered will be referred to in these general terms and conditions as products.
5. GreenLine Computers is engaged in orders, deliveries and services in the field of computers and website / shop in the broadest sense of the word.


1. These general terms and conditions apply to all transactions and Agreements between GreenLine Computers and the customer and to all products, services, offers, quotations and invoices of GreenLine Computers.
2. GreenLine Computers can apply additional conditions depending on the products offered. These are announced in advance and are also subject to these general terms and conditions.
3. Deviations from these general terms and conditions can only be agreed in writing with GreenLine Computers and only relate to the relevant agreement.
4. Provisions from these terms and conditions do not apply if it appears that they are or come into conflict with any legal provisions of current or future law. If a provision on this ground under
would be null and void, the scheme most favorable to GreenLine Computers applies and all other provisions remain in full force.
5. If the customer also applies general terms and conditions and these are in conflict with the general terms and conditions of GreenLine Computers, the general terms and conditions of GreenLine Computers will prevail over those of the customer.
6. The customer fully agrees with these general terms and conditions.
7. These general terms and conditions are effective as of July 1, 2014.


1. A completed order binds the customer. The customer is fully responsible for the correctness of the information provided regarding the order.
2. GreenLine Computers offers the customer the option of placing orders electronically. An order placed electronically has the same binding value as an order given in writing or orally by the customer.
3. GreenLine Computers cannot guarantee the security of the internet and the possibility of interception or disruption of data transmitted by the customer and cannot be held liable for this in any way by the customer.
4. GreenLine Computers is entitled to fully rely on the fact that the data relating to the assignment, as regards the content and form, which it receives from the customer, are correct data.
5. If your ordered item is not from our range, we will send a comparable item of a comparable / higher quality.


1. Offers are always without obligation, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer.
2. GreenLine Computers itself determines which orders it wishes to execute and has the right to refuse orders.
3. Prices of products stated on the website, in price lists or in brochures are not quotations.
4. Verbal agreements and agreements are not quotations. Only when written confirmation has taken place is there a quotation.
5. The validity period is stated on quotations and indicates the period from the quotation date in which the quotation is valid.
6. GreenLine Computers can decide not to execute quotations and has no obligation to do so towards the customer.


1. Quotations signed by both parties constitute an agreement.
2. Written confirmed assignments constitute an agreement.
3. Assignments that have been executed by GreenLine Computers constitute an agreement.
4. Agreements are binding on both parties.
5. Additions to agreements and changes to agreements are only binding if GreenLine Computers has confirmed these in writing.


1. Invoices are issued on delivery or sent.
2. The invoice date and not the delivery date is the issue date.
3. Invoices are the guarantee certificate.


1. All images, drawings and data regarding weights, dimensions, colors, etc. of products are only approximate. Deviations from reality cannot give rise to compensation and / or dissolution.
2. No rights can be derived from prices given in folders, brochures, on the website or stated in other ways than in a quotation.


1. All prices are in Euro and, unless stated otherwise, exclusive of any shipping costs, including turnover tax (VAT) and levies (eg disposal charge), which are imposed by the government.
2. Prices are determined in the usual way of GreenLine Computers.
3. In the event of a demonstrable change in one or more of the cost-determining factors such as purchase prices, delivery times, rates, wages, payments, rights, charges, freight and the like after the agreement has been concluded, GreenLine Computers is entitled to change the agreed prices accordingly. , all this insofar as this is not prohibited by law and regardless of whether the change for GreenLine Computers is or not
was foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. In the event of a change attributable to GreenLine Computers, the customer has the right to terminate the agreement of the sale of the relevant product or
4. Discounts are considered to have been granted only once. Previously granted discounts do not bind GreenLine Computers in any way for a later agreement.
5. Administration costs, cancellation costs, order costs, freight or shipping costs, return handling costs and storage costs can be charged separately.
6. Courier costs or costs for special transport, special additional clearance costs and / or import duties are not included in the price and are for the account of the customer.
7. No rights can be derived from prices that are not stated in a quotation or agreement.


1. GreenLine Computers may request a deposit. This is stated in agreements and on quotations and invoices. The customer cannot charge interest on the down payment.
2. Only when the payment has been received by GreenLine Computers will the execution of the assignment start.
3. All invoices will be paid by the customer within 14 days after the date of issue. If a payment term is exceeded, the customer is considered to be in default by operation of law without further notice
notice of default is required. The customer will then owe interest of 5% per month on the outstanding amount, calculated per full month that has started.

4. Payment must be made by bank transfer to a bank account designated by GreenLine Computers or must be paid in cash.
5. Products remain the property of GreenLine Computers until the customer has fulfilled all payment obligations.
6. Payments made by the customer always serve to settle interest and costs owed and subsequently payable invoices that have been outstanding the longest, even if the customer states that the payment
relates to a later invoice. If the customer is in default of paying the claim, the claim can be made
collection will be handed over, in which case, in addition to the total amount owed then, the customer will also be obliged to fully reimburse extrajudicial and judicial costs. The extrajudicial costs are set at a minimum of 20% of the principal sum with a minimum of € 200.
7. Late payment gives GreenLine Computers the right to suspend or dissolve its performance as a result of the present and / or other agreements with the customer, without the customer being entitled to
compensation or dissolution of the agreement and without prejudice to the right of any loss, loss of profit and further consequential damage.
8. GreenLine Computers is at all times entitled to demand that the customer provides sufficient security for the payment of the performance to be performed in a manner to be determined by GreenLine Computers.
9. If, after the customer is in default, GreenLine Computers sends payment reminders or other requests for payment to the customer, this does not affect earlier provisions in this article.
10. The customer is not permitted to apply set-off.
11. GreenLine Computers is not in a current account relationship with any of its customers.


1. Agreed delivery terms apply to products and services of GreenLine Computers.
2. Delivery times are, however, approximate and not binding on GreenLine Computers.
3. The expiry of the delivery time therefore does not mean that GreenLine Computers can be held liable in any way or is in default by operation of law. The customer is therefore not entitled to dissolve the agreement.
4. If the delivery period is exceeded by more than 1 month, the customer is entitled to dissolve the agreement.


1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery takes place from warehouse. From the moment of delivery, all risks of loss, decay, damage, etc., regardless of the cause thereof, transfer to the
2. The customer is obliged to inspect the products delivered by GreenLine Computers prior to putting them into use.
3. Complaints due to incomplete and / or incorrect delivery must be reported to GreenLine Computers in writing immediately after discovery thereof, but no later than 8 days after delivery of the goods, stating the nature and extent of the complaints. Failing this, complaints will no longer be processed and the customer is deemed to have approved the transaction.
4. Complaints about invoices must also be submitted in writing and within a period of 4 working days after the invoice date. After the expiry of this period, the customer is deemed to have approved the invoice.
5. Minor deviations in the quality of the delivered goods, which are technically unavoidable or which are generally permitted in trade, cannot constitute grounds for complaint or dissolution.
of the agreement.
6. If a complaint is found by GreenLine Computers, GreenLine Computers has the right to make the following choice:
a. Review the invoice and change the invoice amount accordingly.
b. To repair or replace the delivered product with a product with the same specifications, whereby the replaced products are delivered to GreenLine Computers.
c. To take back the delivered goods and to dissolve the agreement, with a refund of the invoice amount paid by the customer without being obliged to pay any further compensation.
7. The submission of complaints does not entitle the customer to refuse or suspend receipt or payment of the products. In any case, the uncontested part must be paid. Any appeal to
settlement is excluded.
8. In the event of complaints, the products will be returned to GreenLine Computers at the expense and risk of the customer.


1. The customer is entitled to a cooling-off period of 7 days after the purchase of products. The customer must request written permission for return shipment within this period. The cooling-off period does not apply to;

a. Business orders and transactions.

b. Refurbished Computer / laptops.

c. So-called “tailor-made” products. These are products that are specially composed / produced for the customer.

2. Without prior written permission, GreenLine Computers is not obliged to accept return shipments from the customer.

3. Receipt of return shipments does not imply in any case acknowledgment by GreenLine Computers of the reason given by the customer for return shipment. The risk of returned goods remains with the customer until they have been credited by GreenLine Computers.

4. In the event of a return, the products are returned at the expense and risk of the customer.

5. Software, of which the seal has been broken, can never be returned.

6. Products may be removed from the packaging, but must be returned unused, as new, in undamaged packaging (identical to the original packaging) and complete with all accessories.

7. In principle, the original amount of the invoice will be credited, unless the product does not meet the conditions of return.

8. The product must be carefully and properly packaged for transport without stickers, markings, etc. If the product is packaged carelessly, costs for repackaging and repair can be charged, because otherwise the product is no longer salable.


Carry-in warranty:

GreenLine Computers gives a warranty period of 12 months on the entire range (with the exception of Refurbished Computer / Laptops).

Carry-in warranty means that you must ensure that a defective item comes into the possession of the supplier.
We will reinstate the costs of resending the product in our place.

When you send with PostNL it is possible to have a package insured against damage and / or theft.

1. GreenLine Computers guarantees the quality of its products and services, on the understanding that the guarantee does not go beyond what is stated in the following provisions.
2. All products and services (with the exception of Refurbished Computer / Laptops) are guaranteed for at least 12 months. The warranty obligation of GreenLine Computers with regard to the products and services it supplies does not, however, go beyond the
warranty claims that GreenLine Computers can assert against the manufacturer and / or distributor on the basis of the agreements concluded with them. The customer can therefore not claim under warranty if the manufacturer
and / or distributor does not offer them.
3. The warranty on refurbished products is up to 12 months.
4. In the first place and in most cases the warranty goes directly through the manufacturer. If this is not the case, the warranty goes through GreenLine Computers. Unless otherwise agreed, the warranty via GreenLine Computers will be processed for 12 months without handling costs.
5. The invoice is the warranty certificate and must be shown.
6. GreenLine Computers does not give any warranty on consumables such as ink cartridges, paper, CD-R, etc.
7. Any material and manufacturing defects in the equipment, as well as in parts supplied by GreenLine Computers in the context of warranty or maintenance are covered by the warranty. The replaced parts will be
owned by GreenLine Computers.
8. The warranty obligation lapses if these errors are wholly or partly the result of incorrect, careless or incompetent use, external causes such as fire or water damage, or if the customer makes changes to the products or has them made by third parties without the consent of GreenLine Computers. .
By applying marking points, GreenLine Computers can check whether the buyer or third parties has opened the product without GreenLine Computers' permission. These marshalling points are applied to parts of products that do not need to be opened in connection with the 12 month warranty. The marking points may be removed after 12 months from purchase. The warranty expires immediately as soon as GreenLine Computers establishes that the marking points have been damaged and / or broken in such a way that the buyer or third parties have opened the product.
9. Products that qualify for repair with an enclosed warranty certificate must be delivered to GreenLine Computers at their own expense and risk.
10. Activities and costs of repair outside the framework of this guarantee will be charged by GreenLine Computers in accordance with the usual rates.
11. If the customer has delivered products to GreenLine Computers for repair and has not collected them within 2 months after the date of issue, against payment of the above costs, it is assumed that the customer renounces the products returned for GreenLine Computers.


1. If the customer does not fulfill his obligations towards GreenLine Computers on time or not properly, as well as if his bankruptcy has / will be filed for, he is declared bankrupt, he applies for a moratorium on payments, or to his creditors or part of them offers a settlement or a composition, furthermore when his assets or part thereof are seized, or he proceeds to sell or liquidate his company, as well as in the event of death, under guardianship or if he / she manages or directs it in any other way loses business, goods or part thereof, the customer is in default by operation of law and any claim that GreenLine Computers has or obtains is immediately and immediately due and payable without any notice of default being required.
2. In that case, GreenLine Computers is at all times entitled to claim compensation from the customer, as well as to take back the delivered goods.
3. Cancellation of an order is only possible after written confirmation from GreenLine Computers. In the event of cancellation of the order, GreenLine Computers has the right to charge 25% of the agreed price of the products, without prejudice to GreenLine Computers' right to claim the excess on the grounds of loss and lost profit.
4. Each of the parties has the power to dissolve the agreement if the other party, after a proper and as detailed as possible written notice of default, setting a reasonable term for remedying the shortcoming, imputably fails in the fulfillment of essential obligations under the agreement.
5. After receipt of goods, the buyer has a 7-day reflection period (cooling-off period). Within these 7 days, the customer may return the product without a stated reason.


1. GreenLine Computers is not liable for any damage, direct and indirect, that arises due to its agreements with the customer or products supplied, nor for third parties involved in the agreement or products supplied.
2. GreenLine Computers is therefore certainly, but not exclusively, not liable in the event;
a. no delivery or delivery after the delivery time.
b. there is incorrect, careless or incompetent use by the customer or when the customer makes changes or has third parties make changes to the products that have been delivered without the consent of GreenLine Computers.
c. incorrect data has been published in advertising material, on the website or in a quotation, if it has not yet been signed.
d. there is force majeure.
e. damage has been caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of the customer or third parties.
f. there is indirect damage, including consequential damage, loss of profit, missed savings and damage due to business interruption.
g. there is a loss of data on data carriers or data carriers.
3. The liability of GreenLine Computers under the agreement concluded with the customer is under all circumstances limited to the invoice amount of the agreement including VAT.
4. Should GreenLine Computers nevertheless be held liable for any damage despite the above, GreenLine Computers will only accept liability for an amount equal to the payment that is covered by the insurance of GreenLine Computers.
5. If the insurance does not cover, GreenLine Computers is not liable at all.
6. The customer will indemnify GreenLine Computers against all third-party liability towards GreenLine Computers.
7. GreenLine Computers is liable in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of GreenLine Computers. In that case, articles 15.1 and 15.2 will lapse.


1. None of the parties involved is obliged to comply with agreements in the event of force majeure.
2. If force majeure occurs during an affiliated period of longer than 1 month, both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement.
3. Force majeure occurs if GreenLine Computers cannot comply with agreements or if damage is caused by factors outside GreenLine Computers' sphere of influence.
4. There is certainly, but not exclusively, force majeure for GreenLine Computers such as;
a. suppliers of GreenLine Computers fail to fulfill agreements with GreenLine Computers.
b. suppliers of GreenLine Computers do not deliver on time.
c. laws and / or regulations are changed by government agencies, as a result of which GreenLine Computers can no longer fulfill agreements made.
5. In case of force majeure according to 16.4a and 16.4b, a solution will first be sought in consultation with the customer. If the customer and GreenLine Computers cannot agree, GreenLine Computers is entitled to terminate the agreement.


1. All products remain the property of GreenLine Computers, until the customer and GreenLine Computers have fully complied with the agreement. This means that the customer has to pay in full, including fees for all
costs and interest has been paid to GreenLine Computers and that GreenLine Computers has delivered all products and services to the customer in accordance with the agreement.
2. The customer is not permitted to renounce products in any way before the agreement has been fully complied with. This also includes passing on products to third parties.
3. GreenLine Computers reserves the right to take back products if the customer has not yet complied with the agreement. The customer must cooperate with this. If the customer does not cooperate, it is the customer per week
invoice amount of the agreement owed to GreenLine Computers.
4. The customer is obliged, without prejudice to the above, to take proper care of the delivered goods, as long as full payment has not been made.
5. Products or services that are replaced for warranty or repair remain the property of the customer, but GreenLine Computers reserves the right to take ownership of these products if the customer has not complied with the agreement.


1. If a supplier of GreenLine Computers grants the right to use software only in accordance with the provisions of its user or license agreements, the provisions of that agreement are applicable, with the exception of the provisions of these general terms and conditions.
2. Responsibility for the use of software under the OEM license rests with the end user. GreenLine Computers is not liable for incorrect use of this software.
3. GreenLine Computers is not liable for defects in software.


1. All rights of intellectual or industrial property on all software, equipment or other materials such as analyzes, designs, documents, developed or made available under the agreement.
reports, quotations, as well as preparatory material thereof, rest exclusively with GreenLine Computers or its suppliers. Customer only obtains the rights of use and powers that come with these conditions or
otherwise expressly granted and otherwise he will not reproduce or make copies of the software or other materials.
2. The customer is aware of the fact that available software, equipment or other materials such as analyzes, designs, documents, reports, quotations, as well as preparatory material thereof, contain confidential secret business information and the customer therefore undertakes not to disclose this information. make it to third parties or have it used by third parties.
3. The customer is obliged to return the data referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 to GreenLine Computers upon first request, under penalty of a fine for GreenLine Computers of € 500 per day, for each day that the customer is in default.
4. The customer is not permitted to make any indication regarding copyrights, brands, trade names or other intellectual or industrial property rights from the software, equipment or materials.
remove or change, including indications regarding the confidential nature and secrecy of the software.
5. GreenLine Computers declares that to the best of its knowledge its products do not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties applicable in the Netherlands. In the event of a claim from third parties with regard to infringement of
such rights, GreenLine Computers can, if necessary, replace or change the product in question, or dissolve the agreement in whole or in part.
6. GreenLine Computers is in no way responsible for the use of its products by the customer and can therefore not be held liable for the use of its products.
7. The customer guarantees that no rights of third parties oppose the making available to GreenLine Computers of equipment, software or materials for the purpose of use or processing and the customer will indemnify GreenLine Computers against any action based on the assertion that such making available. , use or editing infringes any right of third parties.

19. Best price guaranteed legal terms

GreenLine Computers guarantees the best price
We check prices with comparable competitors on a daily basis. We do this with employees who quote prices in other stores and web shops throughout the country.
GreenLine Computers also adjusts the price to offers from competitors. We check the brochures and offers from competitors every day. Our price guarantee therefore also applies to offers from competitors. Our price guarantee also applies to a number of internet providers, unless they are located abroad or cannot offer comparable return guarantees and service conditions.


1. Agreements between GreenLine Computers and the customer are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
2. GreenLine Computers determines the place where a dispute between GreenLine Computers and the customer is submitted to a competent court, with the exception of disputes that fall under subdistrict law.

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